Day 19

I drag myself out of bed today around 7.10am after going to bed around 12.30am. I know I could have slept longer, but my mind starts racing about different things I need to get done, so I force myself to stay awake.

Then, instead of doing them, I spend the first hour of my day mostly wasting time on the Internet, reading websites and taking a glance at Twitter.

The only thing I manage to accomplish in this time is that I get my daily TDL done. Today’s has 12 items on it, but I’m fairly sure I can manage all of those.


I’m going to try and use up the bread and cheese that I have so that I can focus on only eating healthier stuff after that, so I go into the kitchen to make that. I also make a second cup of tea and take my meds and vitamins for the day.

I also find my hot water bottle (wasn’t hard, it was near my bedside table) and fill that up so that I can get some heat on my back today.


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I also keep another, private blog, where I manage and monitor my goals. It’s a system that has served me well for years.

On there, I have been writing periodic updates about my three major health goals, which are:

  • Fix the knee problems I’ve had for years and build strength
  • Eliminate all pain from my back
  • Get my weight to a healthy level and have a flat chest and stomach.

After yesterday’s physio, it’s time to do another one. So I write that whilst eating breakfast.


This is where my day really begins.

Today I am grateful for health services and for all the support I have in fixing my health troubles.

I get distracted a bit, but I do at least get both my journal and my morning mediation done.


I’m not even sure how doing the Tai Chi and stretching and taking a shower and brushing my teeth and shaving took an hour, but somehow it did.

It didn’t help that in my second attempt at running through the Beijing 10 step, I forgot what I was doing and had to start over.

Whilst I’m in the bathroom, I notice that I’m running out of both shower gel and mouth wash, so I set reminders on my phone for the next time I go shopping.


Honestly, I lose about ten minutes of my life googling “what would happen if you farted in a jar.” I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.

Anyway, I have a mobile phone bill to pay and a doctor’s appointment to book, so I take the phone bill first.

That was easy. The doctor’s not so much, they can only give me an on-the-day or 24 hour appointment, so I’ll need to call back tomorrow morning.

Whilst I’m getting all that set up, I open a live chat log with one of the hosting companies I have an account with because I need to finish up a website project for a friend who I’m doing some work for.

I know that live chat stuff normally takes a while to get through, so I figure that by getting the ball rolling early I’ll have something to go off,.

10.33AM – WORK

A nice and easy one today. I’m mostly just clearing up bits and pieces. A short job for one of my regular clients and dealing with the domain name work for my friend., It’s not much, but it moves things forward on a day when I basically have no energy left whatsoever.

12.16PM – LUNCH

I’m going to make egg on toast today and see where that gets me. If I’m still sleepy after that, I’m allowed to take a nap before working on writing projects for the afternoon.


I haven’t used Spotify for a long time, and usually just listen to music via Youtube these days (yeah, so what?), but having Spotify available will be helpful as I work on some posts for my portfolio blog this afternoon, especially because you cant’ get Bob Dylan on Youtube for obvious reasons.

So, for the first time in months, I actually shell out some cash to pay out for Spotify. My head is still foggy though, so before I get any writing done, let me go lay down and take a nap. No doubt it will be 3pm before I get anything done again.


After I woke up, I spent some time chatting with Sam before she went to run her errands. Whilst she’s gone, that gives me time to get up to speed with my goals.


As a freelance writer, I have a couple of websites that I use to promote my work, but my main was is my basic portfolio at

I also keep a blog on here as a way of showcasing my writing and showing that I’m up-to-date with what’s current in the fields that I work in.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to post two blogs every week, but after suffering that huge black piece of depression from February to mid-March, all of that went by the wayside, so I’m making it my mission this week to start getting up to speed again.

I make tea, get my headphones on, and get to work.

I get very easily lost in writing about music, which is one of the subjects I’m passionate about, and which I’ve spent a lot of years writing about. I could have very easily spent a lot longer writing, but I start getting hungry, so I break off for dinner, safe in the knowledge that I’ve at least made a good start today.


For dinner I use up the rest of my bread to make toast and have it with baked beans and hot dogs. Again, it’s unhealthy, but I also take the rest of the veggie chilli out of the freeer.

I made this months ago, so I’m going to let it defrost over night in the fridge and then have it for dinner tomorrow after I get back from Tai Chi.


Whilst I’m eating dinner, I take a bit of time just to update my hobby blog. I’ll make it one of my goals to finish this latest post next week, but for now I’m happy with the progress I’m making.


So, I’ve done health, wealth, and passion tasks today. All that’s left is something practical.

My living room is basically tidy, but


It’s Tuesday, and that means I do my usual online DJ set, so I spend an hour or so just getting that together. Even though I’m fairly thorough with these, I sometimes wonder if I need to bother – from what I’ve heard most DJs just throw their sets together.

I might actually just try that for my next set.


Sam is home and ready to hang out, so most of the night is spent with her and with doing my DJ set.

Truthfully, I’m glad when it’s over because I’ve been so tired lately that all I look forward to is sleep.


Today felt like it was a tough one just getting started, but I’m glad I was able to get some effort in there and actually make progress on something, even if it was only my portfolio blog.

Today felt like just one of those days that I had to get through, and get through it I did. Here’s moving on to bigger and better things.


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