Day 18

I woke up around 10.30am this morning feeling OK. I was tempted to go back to sleep, but the only reason I didn’t, was because I knew I had an appointment this afternoon and I was worried that I might end up sleeping so long as to miss it, or at least be very late. 

So I wake up, but spend time lying in bed reading Twitter and checking email on my phone. I see from the client that I finished working for yesterday that he has already paid my invoice, so that gets me dashing out of bed to process that payment.

Knowing that I’ll be tired all day, I consider that the one task I’ll make today towards my wealth goals.

I check email, reply to any that are important, and make a whole bunch of cheese on toast for breakfast/lunch.

Fuck it, if I’m having a day off, I might as well make it a proper one.

The longer the morning goes on, the more I get that feeling behind my forehead of fatigue, the more my legs start to hurt, the more I just want to crawl up and go back to sleep.

But I won’t, because I have you, my weird little live journal thing, and because I have my Sam.


I don’t regret staying up til 5.30AM, but that’s not an excuse to not achieve my goals. Take a deep breath, face my goals, and write a TDL for today.


First on my list is to take a shower, so I get that done, as well as shaving, moisturizing and getting some clothes on.

An old work associate texts me, I’m immediately suspicious that I know what they want, but I don’t play along and instead keep the texts quite basic.

In fact, I’ve even deleted this person’s number from my phone, and by the time I realise who it is, I’ve already regretted


I just need to get out on my bike as often as possible, so I get set and head out, all the while conscious that this bike is a piece of crap.

The tires constantly feel like they don’t have enough air in them, my handlebar covers are constantly slipping off, and it generally just feels crappy. In time, I’m going to have to get a new bike, but for now I’ll put up with what I’ve got.


I arrive into town a bit early, so I make sure no moment is wasted by buying a couple of quick things that I need, namely new wrap-around sunglasses for when I’m on my bike, and some watch batteries to power the lights in my bike too.

I pick those up and realise it’s just gone 20 past, so I panic and then start heading to the hospital, going the most complicated and random way around possible, but I get there with just a few minutes to spare.

2.30 – PHSYSIO

I feel this went really well.

The guy asked me a whole bunch of questions and then prodded and poked and had me do all kind of exercises. I think his thinking is that the pain is all just from too much time sitting down, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to get around doing what I do for a living without being in all kinds of pain.

He wants me to call the doctor and get painkillers and blood tests done, so I need to do that tomorrow.

He also gives me some exercises to do, but unlike last time, this isn’t going to be the end of it. There’s be massage sessions and therapy and exercises to be done, and I’m actually excited.

At some point tomorrow, I’ll have to update my goal planning with news of this latest update.

Other things I can do include putting heat on it, so I’ll need to figure out where the hell I put my hot water bottle, and use it regularly.

The only problem is that my next appointment is at 8am on Monday morning, so that is going to suck, but at least it will get it out of the way pretty quickly.

With that done, I cycle home again, stopping in town to buy something to drink because my throat is so dry.


I’m so glad to be home and talking with my Sami. We’re both exhausted so it doesn’t take long before we’re falling asleep on one another.

5.20PM – NAP

Eventually we admit we’re exhausted and take a nap.


I feel better after that, even though it does take me some time to wake up properly. The rest of my big day off is given over to just spending time with Sam.

Dinner tonight is cheese on toast with beans and hot dog sausages. That’s terrible. I swear I will get back to normal soon.


If it wasn’t for the physio appointment and a 6+ mile bike ride, today would have been a complete write off, so I’m glad that I actually got the chance to do something useful.

Otherwise, it was a day of downtime that I needed and don’t regret.

Tomorrow, I pick up the pace and get back to action. Here goes.


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