Day 17

I didn’t properly get to sleep until gone 3am but I was still ready to get out of bed and start my day by 8.08am this morning.

Sam was up for a bit, so I talked with her until she decided to try and get some rest, then I got out of bed, made tea, and spent the first twenty minutes pouring through Twitter and just waking up.


All the hype about Wrestlemania this weekend has got me in the mood to play a little game that I’ve been playing on and off for years where you basically have to book your own wrestling promotion.

I’ve been playing this particular version of the game since 2013 with the long-term goal in mind of finally “completing it” by making my promotion number one.

I don’t play it often or for all that long, but sometimes I like to just have a turn whilst I’ve got some free time or whilst I’m waking up. So today, I’m just going to have a quick go at it before starting my day.


Dad is coming round this morning to fix up my kitchen light and the place is a mess, so I need have a quick clean up. Here goes.

I put Pearl Jam’s Riot Act album on, and get the place tidied pretty quickly. Whilst I’m cleaning the kitchen, I also take my vitamins and my medication.

2017-04-02 10.53.02

Dad comes round, and after some messing about and a small struggle, he gets the light fixed up for me.

From there, I make breakfast and settle down to update this.


It doesn’t bother me that I haven’t done a daily TDL or done gratitude and meditation yet, because in cleaning the kitchen and getting my light fixed, I’ve completed two of my 50 weekly tasks, one weekly goal, one quarterly goal, and one monthly goal.

I tick those off my list whilst finishing breakfast and also make a new daily TDL.


Getting this done will get me fired up for the day ahead.

I still haven’t got the hang of this meditation thing. It still feels like I just sit there listening and my mind wanders all over the place, but hey, I suppose this will come in time.

11.22AM – WORK

All I have to do today is to change up two articles that I’ve already written to fit in with the new guidelines for Pacific. After that. I proof them, email them to my client, and send out a nice big invoice.

That was easy.

I clocked an hour and seven minutes on my timer, but also had a few minutes to get settled and make two more cups of tea (I have a problem).

The invoice is out, and that means another weekly goal done, plus one monthly and three daily tasks. Also, my weekly work list now looks like this:

2017-04-03 11.54.26


I’m starting to feel like I could do with a nap, but first I’m going to get dressed and take a walk to my parents. I need to pick up my laundry and also return the radio that dad brought here to see if I had a plug for it but then left.

Let’s do that now. Turning the computer off too.

1.37PM – NAP

I get back, and I’m wiped out, so I do lie down and take my nap. I sleep for another two hours. I remember when naps only used to last an hour. It would be good if I could get back to that some how.


I wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, and talk to Sam for a while as she’s doing her own stuff.

I’m relaxed now, because I know that I’ve achieved the most important stuff today. I know I’ll get some fresh air, exercise, and time with my friends later, and anything else I fit in today is a bonus.

I enjoy my time with Sam today, and especially enjoy hearing her laugh. We talk all the way up to the time I need to leave.


It’s another beautiful evening, so I have no problem cycling the few miles to the meeting. Easy.


I have been planning to keep my mouth shut in meetings for the longest time, but tonight there was a deadly silence whilst I was taking the meeting, so I opened up and shared for a few minutes.

It felt good, but it’s honestly not a habit I want to get into.

After the meeting, I grab a few unhealthy treats from the Co-Op next door, help to pack up, then cycle home.


I love this woman, so naturally I can’t wait to get back to her. We spend a few hours together, then I make a decision which I have been fighting against:

I’m going to stay up and watch Wrestlemania tonight.


Pro wrestling has been a passion of mine since I was nine years old, and for some reason it has never left me. It’s just always been the one constant.

I always stay up just twice a year, for the Royal Rumble in January, and then again for Wrestlemania in March / April.

I swore I wasn’t going to do it this year, especially whilst I’m only just getting back on course, but eventually I get drawn in by the hype of it all, and find myself still awake at 5.30AM after watching The Undertaker retire.

I’m glad I stayed up for that, it was an important moment.


I felt that today went pretty easily. I got done what I needed to get done, and that was alright by me. I’ll likely suffer for the lack of sleep, but I don’t do things like this often, and I consider it a treat.

I can also consider myself inspired by the journeys that the wrestlers had to take to perform in front of 70,000 people olive in an arena and millions around the world. That was hard work, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and guts.

I need all of those to get to where I’m going.

Here’s to a new week.


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