Day 15

I wake up just after 8.30am this morning but waste literally a full hour doing nothing but looking at the internet and staring of into space. 

Let’s call that my waking up time. Today, I’ve got things to do, so it’s now 9.33am and I’m going to make another cup of tea and write my to-do list then start my day. Here goes.


I’m mad at myself for taking so long to get my day started today, but I know I can’t afford to be. If I’m going to have a good, productive day, I need to start off feeling positive. So let’s draw a line under this morning, take a deep breath, and just relax.


I’m going to get this out of the way first so that at least I’ve got some fuel inside me ready to start work today.

I also get the dishes done and take medication and vitamins whilst making breakfast.


Whilst I’m eating my usual three-egg-and-spinach omelette, I re-read the new guidelines that Pacific have sent over to me for writing their content. This is going to be an interesting day to get this right.

Here goes.


Those tips all make sense, and I’m confident that I know what I’m doing, but first, the same client has sent me over some posts to proof read, so I’m going to do that and then go take a shower (I’m riding my bike later, so no Tai Chi practice this morning).

The proof reading stuff only takes me about 17 minutes, but then as I’m getting ready to take a shower, I get a flash of inspiration about how to start the first article of the day, so I write that until I run out my initial puff of steam, and then go to take a shower.

11.12AM – SHOWER

Just straight forward, I have a wash and a shower, brush my teeth, get my comfy clothes on, make a cup of tea, and try to stay awake long enough to get more work done. I might give this half an hour, eat a few biscuits then think about a nap and try again.


I get to work on this new way of working for Pacific, and I have to admit that I’m finding it pretty easy, actually even easier than the old way. I just wish I could curtail myself and keep myself from writing more than I need to. If I could, I’d get even more done.

Eventually, the fog clouds my brain and I know I need to lie down if I’m to be fresh and alert enough to tackle the rest of my day. So, feeling defeated, I head for a lie down.

1.06PM – NAP

I didn’t mean to nap as long as I did, but whatever, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of my day.


Work takes me a little longer than planned, but only because I stop to spend time with Sam for an hour.

I really do find this new way of writing articles easier, but again, especially with Pacific’s articles, which is a subject I’m pretty knowledgeable in, I find that they still take a long time because I have trouble reigning in my thoughts and just keep going.

I get two articles done and decide that’s all I’m going to do for today. It’s been a good effort, which means my chart now looks like this:

2017-03-31 22.03.11

OK, so I didn’t achieve everything on that last, but I think to whittle it down from 22 articles at the start of the week to just four by the end of the week is pretty good going.

I also think that having this list up in front of me on my whiteboard is a big help, so I’m going to keep using this approach.

Technically, I classed completing Faye’s work as done this week because I could something delivered and there’s no urgency for it, whilst the Pacific articles. I also still have technically four Pacific articles to finish, because even though I’ve done two, they’re in the old format and they need to be redone, but I can tackle that over the weekend.


All I have to do today is add an intro and a conclusion to my post, add a few images, caption then, publish the blog and Pinterest the images.

I work pretty diligently on this and get it all wrapped up. That’s over 4,000 words written this week, and all six posts for that blog ticked off my quarterly goals, more of which I’ll talk about tomorrow.


I don’t really want to be going to this meeting, but needs must, and at least it’s a couple of miles I can clock up on my bike.


I’ve been slacking this week in terms of keeping my daily spreadsheet updated, keeping on top of my goals and updating this journal, so when I’m done out of the shower and still have time, I do what I can ready to get myself updated.

Sam is busy working on her music, so I can use this time to myself then make sure i give her my full evening if she’s around.

These tasks include:

  • Crossing off any weekly goals I’ve completed (sadly only 7 out of ten)
  • Adding word count, mileage, and hours worked to my daily spreadsheet
  • Ticking stuff off my daily and weekly To Do List.


I really don’t want to go today, but needs must. So I set off on a gentle cycle up there and get there just before the meeting starts.


Tonight’s meeting is OK, but I really don’t get the buzz from that room the way I used to. It’s as though the energy and positivity that I used to get from it has been drained and is basically non-existent now.

I sit there and get through it and smile but basically can’t wait to be home again.

Afterwards,  I call Sam just for a few minutes to feel normal and with somebody I like before I head home.


That’s a tough one, this steep hill on the way back home always gets me, but I suppose it’s worth doing for the sake of my knee.


This is where my self-sabotage stuff comes into play. I cycle a few miles, then get home and make pizza for dinner. To be fair though, it was a delicious pizza. Plus it’s Friday night, so I’m going to give myself a by on this one.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I feel like I’ve been making slow and steady improvements with my diet and exercise. With a new month starting tomorrow, I can really kick things up a gear.


Whilst i’m eating my pizza I start a new post on my hobby blog. OK, so I don’t get very far, but the start is there at least, and I’ll feel motivated to keep that one going.


Sam is finally good to go, and we spend a few hours laughing and having a good time together. It’s the perfect way to end the day.


Once again, my diet is terrible and I end up kicking myself about that, but on the whole I think today went OK. I got some work done, got out on my bike, and feel motivated to move forward. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get a completely fresh start with new goals. Hoorah.


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