Day 14

I slept like shit again last night, half on the couch, half in bed, but I’m up at 9.30am, which I suppose is a little better than 11AM. I’ve got two days to write eleven articles, and I know that I’m not going to make it, and that i’m not going to have a successful goal week, but all I can do now is the best I can to keep things moving. 

So, naturally with so much going on, I waste basically the first half hour of my day looking at the Internet and reading Twitter. I didn’t get yesterday’s diary finished off properly, but I’ve got all my notes, so I’ll go back to that when I have more time.

For now, I really need to make a serious go at things, so I go and make my second cup of tea of the day, and sit down to write out my daily to-do list.


I missed this yesterday, and I’m not even sure that I did it properly on Tuesday, and my life starts to suffer for it. I haven’t got the hang of clearing my head during meditation, but I am mindful that this is the long term goal, to just get rid of any thoughts and relax.

I am not there yet, but that doesn’t mean I never will be. For now, I need to make food.


I take my medication and make a three-egg-and-spinach omelette. Whilst I’m in there, I’m reminded of how badly I need to wash the dishes today.


I’ve got a few things in there that I need to reply to for clients, so it’s time to get that sorted out next. I do that whilst eating my omelette.


I can’t afford to miss Tai Chi practice this week, now that we’ve learned a new move, I need to be sure that I’ve got it right.

11.31AM – WORK

I’m starting a new project this morning. It’s an old client, but one I haven’t worked with for a few years. New projects always intimidate me and make think that I can’t do it, but then they always turn out easier than I was expecting, so this one will be just the same, right?

Here goes.

12.34PM – NAP

Seriously. I’m fucked. I can’t think straight and I can just feel myself getting worse. Gah. let me have an hour.


I’ve got a few ideas about reformatting the work I’ve already started, but let’s just see if this works.

I actually start really getting into this project and realising how easy it’s going to be for me to complete. I only get three articles done in total, but for me that’s enough. I’m realising that I’ll never finish all eight tomorrow, but at least I gave this a good effort and really got somewhere with it.

My chart now looks like this.

2017-03-30 16.49.48


I don’t have much more of this to do now, just the last few bits, so let’s see how far I can get.  I get most of it done actually. I just need to finish writing the last little bit, top and tail it with an intro and a conclusion, and call it done.

I work on that whilst having my second lot of soup and pitta bread – the same thing I had for lunch, and chat a little with Sam until it’s time for me to leave.


I end up in one of those states where I just basically wonder around the house back and forth, taking forever to do something simple like changing into my scruffs ready to cycle to the meeting.


I have a nice little bicycle through Pennington Flash towards the meeting. I’m not sure why but my MapMyRide app keeps getting caught in my pocket and pausing, meaning it isn’t accurately tracking what I’m doing, but that doesn’t bother me too much, as long as I can work it out for myself.


I’m early for the meeting and so is Jen, yesterday, we agreed to get together early so that I could look at fixing her laptop. Sadly I couldn’t do it there and then, plus Jill was hovering around and sticking her nose in, so I just left it and decided to  bring it home with me.

Meeting is good, and even though I don’t open my mouth to share, it’s good catching up with friends.

When it’s done, I cycle back and land home around 9.30PM


My baby is busy today, so I guess that gives me a free night, but I catch up with her as best I can on the phone and spend some time dicking around on the Internet.  I also update this journal, which puts it at 10.38PM before I stand up to make dinner.

10.38PM – DINNER

For once I get a decent healthy dinner of some vegetable chili that I made ages ago, and a pita bread (third of the day). Making dinner by candle light is hard work and I seriously need Dad to come and help me fix the light.

It doesn’t help that for the longest time, the vegetable chilli is just one huge mound and takes forever to cook. This wasn’t the best attempt at cooking I’ve ever had.

12.30PM – BED

Sam’s still upset about stuff, but there’s literally nothing I can do, so I wrap up and go to bed.


I’m glad that I was able to get that new project started today, just getting into it and familiarising myself with the content was enough to put my mind at rest that this is certainly a project I can finish.

I feel bad tha tI’m not doing enough to help Sam out lately, but I know there’s nothing I can do, my job should just be to be there for her for whatever she needs.


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