DAY 13

Shit, shit shit. I dramatically overslept this morning and didn’t wake up until 11am. That’s going to throw everything out of the window this morning, especially because I have to go into town later and meet Jenny to talk about her website. 

Blah. So, what do I do when I’m behind schedule? Waste the best part of an hour staring into space and looking at the internet and trying to decide what kind of mood I am in today. Is today a day that I roll over and play dead, or a day that I get off my arse and fight back? I’m really not awake enough to know for sure yet, but if I take a deep breath, relax and think about it, I’m going to make this a day that I fight back with gusto. 

I have to remember that fighting back does not necessarily mean doing loads of stuff, it means enjoying my life, being calm and rational. I am looking forward to getting together with Jenny later, even though nothing practical will come of it, I still think it will be a fun thing to do.

I’ve already checked my emails this morning whilst staring into space, and I know that I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to get done, so I might as well just throw routine out of the window today and get started.

11.40AM – WORK

Easy peasy just blast off two articles for Albert and get them out of the way. No problems. A few minor distractions but I kept pulling myself back, knowing how much work I’ve still gotta blast out this week.

I clock an hour and four minutes on my work timer. By the time I’m done, my chart is looking like this:

2017-03-29 13.06.19


I’ve got an hour and fifeen minutes before I’m supposed to meet Jenny in town, so I’ve gotta get my shit together in a serious way.


I grab a notebook and stick it in my bag and head into town.

Whilst I’m there, I get a PayPal notification that I’ve been paid £44.30 for the work I delivered this morning, so I transfer that to my bank, and then take out £40 cash when I get to the cash machine in town. This will let me get a few bits for home, buy my coffee and still have enough to pay my Tai Chi instructor for a new polo shirt with the logo of the class on it.

With that, I head to Costa Coffee, get my usual medium mocha, and grab the same seat that me and Jenny used last time. Then I take a few minutes to update this journal and message Sam whilst I wait for Jen to arrive.

2017-03-29 14.00.35


This is supposed to be a work meeting because we’re building Jenny a website for her new business, but because we know each other on friendly terms anyway, it just descends into the two of us catching up and talking about life, alcoholism, mental health and all kinds of good stuff. I feel miles better after that.

We’re probably chatting for an hour and a half before going our separate ways, I go and grab another unhealthy lunch and then grab healthy food for the rest of the week and head home.


When I get back, Sam is busy, so I eat my unhealthy late lunch/early dinner and work on my hobby blog some more. I’m actually nearly finished with this and don’t have much left to do on it. I feel good about that.


I just need to get changed whilst talking to Sam, but I get distracted and end up wasting a lot of time, eventually I’m set and ready and head down to class.


New polo shirts aren’t ready yet, so I didn’t need to get all that money out, but oh well. I just have to make sure that I don’t now spend it all or something dumb like that.

I enjoy Tai Chi tonight. I really feel like I’m getting the hang of this, and that practicing a few times a week, even though it isn’t much, is actually helping me a lot.


I pick up a bottle of soda on my way home, and then go back to the other shop to buy pizza because I figure fuck it, today’s just not gone right in terms of my diet and everything.

I devour those whilst spending the rest of my night with Sam, though she’s busy doing other stuff for most of the night, so I occupy myself by going through some of the photos on my SLR camera ready to get used to using it again soon.

Eventually I get tired and go to bed, I think it’s sometime between midnight and 1am.


Over all, some good, some bad. I could have really used today to get a lot of my articles finished, but I’m glad that I had the afternoon to catch up with Jenny as it really put me in a better place mentally. I feel more prepared now to get up and tackle the rest of my week. My diet sucked a dick, but I think I’m reaching rock bottom with that and will start eating healthier again very soon.

I’m certainly looking very much forward to getting back on track with things again.


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