Day 10

I slept way better last night. I’m not sure what time I fell asleep, but I think it was after 1am. I do know that I slept solidly in my bed and had a very restful sleep all the way through til gone 9am this morning. 

Today is going to be a different kind of day. It’s Mother’s Day, so once I’m up and make a cup of tea, I have to finish laying out the little gift I got for Sam. Also on today’s agenda is visiting my mum and helping my dad in the garden.


I’m still not awake by this time, but I just want one more cup of tea and a chance to wake up before i go down there. So I make that cup of tea and also get dressed into some scruffy clothes and brush my teeth.

Showering and stuff can wait til later, and working in the garden will count as my exercise for today.

I fill in mum’s Mother’s Day card and waste a few minutes playing a game on my computer whilst drinking my tea.


I go down, but it turns out we’re not doing the garden today. Instead, Dad’s going out in an hour to pick up a new (second hand) fridge and bringing it here. So I head back home.


Luckily, things aren’t that untidy, but I’d still like to have a relatively tidy space for when Dad gets here. So I make another cup of tea, find an album to listen to in the kitchen, and get on with it.

I mostly only succeed in getting the kitchen tidy and cleaning underneath the fridge. Dad comes and brings a new one that I can’t plug in for a while due to the fumes and shit. Plus he looks at my dodgy light, but I bought the wrong part so he’s going to come back tomorrow and help me with that.

11.51AM – SHOWER

I’m a bit hot and dirty after scrubbing the kitchen floor, so now is a good time to have a shower and start my day properly. Here goes.

I’m showered up and make another cup of tea, and browse Twitter for a few minutes. Whilst I’m doing so, I see a tweet from pro wrestler Sean Waltman, who looks incredible and says he feels amazing after getting sober.

I mean seriously, if that isn’t inspiration enough for me to get my shit together, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of getting my shit together, it’s time to motivate and get things started.

12.24PM – WORK

I’m just working on articles today, clocking a few off the list as I have at least 20 to write this week.

After finishing one, I take a quick break to eat a three-egg-and-spinach omlette, then I get back to work.

I do a total of three hours, seventeen minutes which I use to write three complete articles. I felt distracted a lot, and just sitting down to focus on those three articles was actually physically painful, but I got through it, and I have to believe that this was a good start to getting those twenty articles completed by the end of the week.

I actually feel like I could do more, but there are other things I want to do today, and just taking an honest break is among them, so I’m going to stop for now.


The stuff I took to my parents yesterday is waiting for me, so I get dressed again and go to get that.


I’m going to burn out if I don’t give myself a break. Take it easy, go watch some wrestling before tonight’s AA meeting.


It’s a nice evening, so I get my tracksuit on and cycle to the AA meeting. I’m still in a bit of a shitty mood, but I think the AA meeting helped lift my spirits, and I get to talk to Sam when I get home.


As part of my writing goal this week, I’m working on an article about how people try to help depression by adding logic to it. Even though I’m really not in the mood, I force myself to work on that for an hour.


After working on the article for a bit, I take the time to finish today’s journal, then grab the pastries I bought from the shop near the meeting and head to the sofa to rest, and eventually sleep.


Today was slow and sluggish, but I actually did good today. I got three articles for work done and a big chunk of what I needed to do for my personal article. I got a bike ride out of it, and even though I’m tired now, a decent night’s sleep and a good rest should see me ready to take on the week in style.


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