Day 7

One whole week of doing this journal. I woke up around 6.40am this morning, but then remembered how tired I was yesterday, and allowed myself to get an extra hour’s sleeping done.

It turned into a little more than an hour, and I was awake some time around 8.30am. I spend a rather distracted bit of time getting lost on Twitter, but in the first half hour of waking up, I do get my morning gratitude list and meditation done, so that’s something I’m happy about.

I also take my anti-depressant and vitamins whilst making my second cup of tea of the day.


I still don’t feel fully awake yet, but I do feel like I’m going to have a good day today and be ready to celebrate some success when it comes time to looking at my progress on Saturday morning.

Today’s music is going to be this. I’m not sure that I ever listened to Enigma before, but I’m loving this:


The client I was planning to work for today anyway has sent me one of their proof reading jobs, so I’ve decided that this will count as one of the three pieces of work I had to do today, because that will help me to put a natural break in projects. I can use the other two to finish a project, and then start a new one tomorrow.

If I have any time left after completing the rest of my goals today, I will plan more articles for tomorrow.


Tai Chi is no problem. I practice the “cloud hands” move and think I’m getting the hang of it. Then I shower, shave, brush my teeth and moisterize.

Breakfast is a disaster this morning, firstly because my freezer was so full of ice that the door hadn’t shut properly, so I had to bash the ice with a hammer then spend time cleaning all that up.

Then I couldn’t find my spatula, and somehow it had fallen in the laundry basket.

That’s rescued, and then I make my three-egg-and-spinach omelette with a bit of onion, and sit down to eat that whilst starting work again.


I’m behind schedule today, but hopefully this shouldn’t be too huge of a problem.

Work is a pain today. I only have to write those two articles, but I can’t seem to get my head into it properly. 1.51 minutes is the time I clock, but more time is wasted pacing back and forth and just trying to get through the fatigue cloud in my brain in order to write properly.

Still, I make sure the articles are both written to the best of my ability, which means that whole project is finished. All I have to do tomorrow is proof read and make any edits, then i can send them off to the client, and check another weekly TDL off my list.

12.48PM – I NEED A NAP

The fog is thick and strong today. I’m going to lie down.


It’s weird that my nap is exactly an hour to the minute, but I’m woken up by my phone ringing. I get there too late to answer it, and I’m in no mood to ring it back. Instead, I put pants on and head out. I need to go look for lightbulbs and candles at my parents’ house because my light socket is still broken in my kitchen.

None of the bulbs work, which is weird, and also a massive pain in the ass. How can it be that something as simple as getting light into a room turns into a big ordeal when I get round to doing it. I bet nobody else on the planet has this kind of issue.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. I make cheese on toast for a late lunch, and move onto the next thing.


Back in January, I got paid £1,050 which, due to some complications with the way I work as an outsourced contract writer for another company, I had already technically been paid once before. So, I agreed with that company that the money would count as advanced payment for ongoing work. Now that I’m approaching April, I’m convinced that I’ve done enough to pay back that advanced payment, so I need to work that out then I can get a better handle on my budget for the upcoming weeks and months. So I do that this afternoon.

I do that, and it turns out I could have billed for £326 last month, which would have really saved my ass. Oh well. I can add it to the next amount that I’m about to bill for, and this will put me in better financial place going forward into April.

I send the breakdown over to the client, and cross this task off my weekly TDL list, because it was one of the more important ones that I wanted to get done this week. That makes five goals off my weekly TDL, time to get a sixth done.


That took me longer than I imagined it would, but only because Sam called so I spent time talking to her instead. Still, I got the post finished, and that’s another goal done for this week, plus I achieved more than my 2,000 word writing target for this week, so I’m happy with that.


As I mentioned yesterday, all that’s left to do is sweep up, so I make another cup of tea and get straight onto that.

This doesn’t take me that long, and then I waste a bit of time reading the internet and enjoy a conversation with Sam.


No disasters here or anything special. I make three pieces of cheese on toast with a small tin of beans and hot dog sausages, with four chorley cakes for pudding. I’m going to have to kick start this diet thing again tomorrow.


I’m actually planning to hang out with Sam, but I’ve got a feeling she’s busy, so whilst I’m online, I can proofread the five articles that I have to deliver by Saturday. If I can get that done before I go to bed, that’s another goal clocked off my list for the week.

That done and sent, I’ve got another weeky goal done and can take it easy for the rest of the night.


There’s nothing else to do now, it’s impressive how on top of things I am this week, so I just kick back, take it easy, and enjoy the night with Sam.



Over all, a good day. My diet continues to suck, but I know that it won’t do forever. I’m just glad that I’ve started to make progress and can see a positive end in sight. I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow.


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