Day 6

Can you believe it’s been almost a week of keeping this journal? I didn’t sleep great last night. I think it was probably around 2-3am when I finally shut off, and I remember waking up again some time around 4/4.30am. 

Still, I’m up at 7.40am, woken up by the sound of the bin men outside. The first 20 minutes are wasted as I gradually get myself out of bed, get some PJs on, and making tea.

Then I’m up and trying to order a Metallica ticket using the pre-sale thing for their fan club, but Ticketmaster is telling me there’s non available. Guess they sold out quick sharp and I’ll have to make sure i’m up stupid early on Friday morning to make sure I get one. Honestly, I can not wait for that.


Time to get my day started. I make another cup of tea first, put my headphones on charge, and get to it.


I’m still drinking my tea, so whilst I do that, I take a few minutes to run CCLEANER on my computer so that hopefully it works better and runs a little faster when i come to work later.


No Tai Chi this morning as I have class later this evening, so it’s just a shower, shave, and moisterize my face to protect from dry skin. I also do a couple of reps with my kettle bell when I get out of the shower, just to get some form of exercise in before I start work. Then I make my three-egg-and-spinach omlette with a bit of onion and some rogue peas  I found at the bottom of the freezer. Is that disgusting? I’m not even sure, but I’d rather use up the food I have before I go around indulging in more.


All in all, I’ve got a total of nine articles I’m planning to write before Friday. Yesterday I prepped a good portion of those, so that’s good.

My plan is to write three today, three tomorrow, and four on Friday. Let’s see if I can stick to that. Here goes.

Today I mostly listen to Desperation Blues by Zed, and wherever Youtube takes me after that.

It takes me a while to get going this morning. For whatever reason, just getting into the writing is a challenge, but I find that once I break that opening paragraph of the first article, I’m on a roll.

I’m barely distracted, and in 2 hours and 28 minutes, I blast through three articles without much trouble. Granted, I do get up several times to stretch and make tea, but I’d rather do that than waste hours on Facebook or something.

Planning my articles out yesterday really helped, and I’m going to do this for all articles from now on because I think this is the way to more productive working.


The three articles were the only things on my list for work today, so when that’s done, I wash the dishes and make cheese on toast for lunch. I know that’s not the healthiest of lunches, but give me some credit, at least I’m eating a healthy breakfast, which is not something I’m used to.

When that’s done, I search around for the log-in that I need to work on my hobby blog this afternoon because for some reason, and in some way, I’ve totally misplaced it. I think this is because I used CCLEANER this morning, not realising that I absolutely can not remember which email address I used to sign up to the Network.

I’m hoping I’m still logged on on my other laptop. It turns out that I am, and that I used the most random email in existence, one that I used for a one-off project a while ago. Now that I’m set up on there though, I might as well use that laptop to work from.


I got most of this done. All it needs is an introduction adding tomorrow, then I’m ready to go live. Happy days.

2.52PM – NAP

I can feel the fog starting to cloud my brain, so I go lie down.


I wake up feeling like I’ve slept for hours, check in with Sam, and make tea. Today I’ve got the last room in the house to clean up – my living room. Fortunately, it isn’t all that messy, and mostly just needs things organising and putting away properly, but I know it’s going to throw up a whole bunch of extra tasks that need doing in the meantime, so I grab a piece of paper, get some music blasting, and get ready to do it.

This is the mess my living room is in before I tidy it.


I get most stuff done before I have to leave. The only thing that’s left to do is sweeping the floors, and I’ll get those done tomorrow.

When I’m done, my living room looks more like this:


It’s Wednesday, so that means I walk a few minutes down the road to the high school tobe in time for my Tai Chi class, which is taught by a lovely woman named Jane. I really find Tai Chi helps with a whole bunch of stuff, not only helping me to feel calm, but flexing my muscles, stretching out and getting some exercise too.

Today, I totally forgot how to do the move we learned over the last few weeks “cloud hands” and kept losing count, but by the end of the lesson, I’d started to get back on track again

I just have to remember:

  • Move to the left, step in
  • Move to the right, step out
  • Move to the left, shift
  • Move to the right, step in
  • Move to the left, step out
  • Move to the right, shift.

And then on to the next move. I’m going to practice this a lot over the next couple of days. It’s the one move that I really need to help me get to the end of Beijing ten step.


I quickly chop up a potato, put it in the oven with two chicken, garlic, and herb bakes. I’m going to grate the rest of my cheese over those and also boil some vegetables. then it’s settle in for the night with Sam.


Sam is busy making her own dinner, so I take a few minutes to fill in the form for the working tax credits which I should be entitled to. Truth is, I didn’t actually know I was entitled to them for the longest time, and I’ve dragged my heels so badly on getting this taken care of.

First it took me ages to order the form, and then, after I ordered the form, it took me about a month to actually fill it in.

Even though it’s a straight forward form, I have a real hard time just making sure it’s done correctly, and have to check and double check everything half a dozen times. By the time I’m done, I end up with a working tax credits form and envelope that is covered in stains and dirty, and has a few mistakes, but hey, at least it’s done.

Getting this done means ticking another goal off my weekly TDL, meaning I’ve now completed three of the goals, with just two days left to go.


I have a wonderful night with Samantha, then she sends me to bed around midnight because I am just absolutely exhausted.


My diet sucked, because what I didn’t mention was that at some point in the evening I went over the road to the shop, bought six Wagon Wheels and devoured them all. I couldn’t help myself.

Other than that, I felt like I made good progress on my goals today, despite being tired. I can feel everything coming together again.


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