After falling asleep sometime around 1 – 1.30am, I’m awake by 6.30am and spend the next half hour just doing nothing – scrolling through Twitter and a few websites whilst slowly but surely getting my PJs on and getting out of bed. 

It’s 7am, and I’m happy right now because when I draw back the curtains, I see that it is a beautiful day and the place where I live looks beautiful. That prompts me to start my day by making a cup of tea and writing my gratitude list.


Straight forward stuff, though I still can’t get my mind to settle long enough for a proper meditation.


I’m hungry this morning, so breakfast comes next. I’m running out of food and need to go shopping, so today’s breakfast is a little different. I use up the two eggs I have left and the one piece of bread I have left to make scrambled egg on toast, with some spinach and pepper blended in.

It occurs to me however that I don’t actually know how to make scrambled eggs, so I have to watch the video above first. Mine doesn’t come out looking nearly as good as the video, but meh, close enough.

Whilst I’m working on breakfast I also have time to wash the dishes , make a cup of tea, and take my medication.


Just as I’m sitting down to breakfast, I get a notification that I’ve been paid £156.24 from a client for some recent work, so that gives me a chance to transfer money and send an email receipt whilst eating.

I also mess about on the internet – more distractions and getting nothing done which is just taking away from me getting my goals accomplished today.

Apart from distractions, today is going so far OK.


15 – 20 minutes of Tai Chi exercises, shower, shave, brush teeth and get dressed. Simple, straight forward, no problems.


There are some days when work is a priority, some days when passion projects are a priority, and some days, like today,when getting shit cleared up around the house is my priority.

I’ve got a bag of laundry packed, so my plan is to take it to my parents, head into town for grocery shopping, and by the time I get back from that, it should be time to go back and hang my laundry out to dry. I can then pick it up later today or tomorrow.

I don’t need much from grocery shopping, but I do need:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • White vinegar for cleaning
  • New measuring jug
  • Tuna.

I’ve just taken a photograph of that list on my phone, so that I’ve got it with me. I also have to take a big bag of clothes to the charity shop. These are items I cleaned out of my wardrobe weeks ago but then forgot to do anything about. Time to take them today. I will consider this a good deed done for the day.

Now it’s time to put some shoes and a jacket on, head out the door, and get this stuff done.

Laundry goes in without a problem, and I set an alarm on my phone with a reminder to go put my laundry int the dryer when the wash finishes.

I then go into town, and admittedly waste about 20 minutes looking in different second hand stores for stuff which might help me with a passion project I’m working on. I don’t find anything, but I do get everything I need on my list apart from tuna, which I decide I don’t want). I also get new oven gloves because I disastrously set fire to my last ones, got them covered in paint, and generally destroyed them.

I also get a packet of kitchen wipes that I always find handy because I’m usually a very messy and untidy person.


It’s around 11am by the time I get home. I put the washing away and make a cup of tea then strum my guitar for a few minutes and update this journal. I know that in about 5 – 10 minutes the alarm will go off for me to go get my laundry -yep, there it is- so I allow myself a quick break to just drink my tea and look at the internet.

I finish drinking my tea then head down to parents, put my washing in the tumble dryer, and set another alarm on my phone. This one is set for 2 hours time, and will remind me to go down and pick up my dry washing.


I’ve got a lot of articles to write this week, and five of them have to be delivered no later than Saturday, so it’s time to start getting set up. I feel the fog of fatigue clouding my brain already, so I’m not going to attempt any actual writing (I prefer a clear head to do my best stuff) but I can plan a couple of articles out whilst eating the cheese and onion pasty I got for lunch when I was in town.

12.32PM  – NAP

At around 12.30pm I hit a wall that I just can’t get over, around, or through. I’ve been talking to Sam for a bit whilst prepping articles, but I just have to tell her that I need to take a nap because I can barely function, so I go lie down, planning to sleep only for an hour.


Plans to nap only for an hour quickly went awry. I remember my phone going off at 1.34PM to tell me that it was time to go pick up my laundry, but I just dismissed it, went back to sleep and woke up at 4pm. Oops.

I take a few minutes to wake up, then get dressed and head back out for the final time to pick up my laundry and a bottle of Pepsi Max, another bad habit that I need to get rid of.


I reckon I’ve got about an hour and a half before Sam is home and we get to hang out, so I want to get a few things finished up before then, including prepping those articles. Back to work.

Sountrack for this is the awesome Camel Driver album by Camel Driver.

In total today, I’ve laid out and prepared eight articles, so hopefully I can crank these out by the end of the week. For now though, I’m gonna get hungry, so it’s dinner time.


Dinner tonight is roast potatos with chicken, garlic and herb steaks. So I get that going, and, whilst it’s cooking, I clean my bathroom.

I’m thoroughly ashamed of my bathroom, even more so than my kitchen. This is especially true of the shower, which just gets horribly quickly and is an absolute ball ache to clean.

It takes me about 30 minutes to clean the shower, the sink, and the toilet, to wipe down the bathroom tiles and to straighten up my window sill where I keep my toiletries. A bunch of stuff gets thrown in the bin.

OK, so the bathroom still isn’t perfect, but it’ll do for now. Then I was my hands, clean up, and finish getting dinner


I eat dinner whilst getting a little bit of work done on my hobby blog, I’m excited about finishing this post tomorrow. I just work on it briefly because I know Sam will be home soon and I can’t wait to spend time with her.


Kinda sad that I’m a grown man and I still have to text my mum every week to figure out which bin to put out. It’s the black one this week. That’s done, and then the rest of my night is with Sam.


Just good fun, we laugh, we joke, we love, we get intimate, we have it all. I love this woman.

Eventually, sometime around 1am, we wrap up, and I go to sleep.


Kinda feel bad that I didn’t get a lot of work done, but my diet was reasonably good, at least a lot better than it has been. I got done everything that was on my list, and I’m positive about the direction this week is going in. Can’t wait for another good day tomorrow.


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