Day 4

I’m up at 8.30 this morning after a decent night’s sleep on the sofa. I wouldn’t say I feel refreshed yet, but I’m waking up. 

I start my day -and therefore my week-  by reviewing my weekly and monthly goals. This helps gives me some perspective for the week ahead.


First things first, I make a second cup of tea and sit down to write my gratitude list for the day, followed by five minutes of positive mindset meditation. This helps get me in the right frame of mind for the day. See Day 1 for a full explination of the hows and whys.

9.06am – WORK – PART 1

Most Monday mornings, my biggest regular client sends me a job labelled urgent. It’s just proof-reading and rewriting a bunch of social media posts, and it normally takes me about 20 – 40 minutes depending on how many posts there are. So I make this my priority just so that I can cross it off my list for the day.


Today, it took me 38 minutes, but I could have done that a lot quicker if I wasn’t procrastinating and downloading music at the same time.


All the normal stuff. I don’t take my medication today because I want to have some time with Sam either tonight or tomorrow morning, but I do take my vitamin supplements, which I haven’t taken for a few days.

I also change up my exercise routine this morning by adding in a few reps on my kettle bell just to build up some arm strength.

Today’s breakfast is once again a three-egg-and-spinach omlette with some onion. A few peas also make their way in their.


Whilst I’m eating my omlette, I take care of both personal and professional emails, calls, and messages that I need to deal with. These include:

  • Email to a client to get the ball rolling on a new project
  • Text to a friend I’m building a website for to see if we can get that finished (so that I can get paid)
  • Call to book a physio appointment – 2.30pm – Monday, April 3rd.
  • Call to docs to order a repeat prescription of my anti-depressants.

10.53am – WORK PART 2

I’ve just got a shit load of articles to write today, so it’s time to get them done.

Today’s music is this:


I eat three bananas during this period. That’s lunch.

Altogether I do a total of four hours and 16 minutes today, with a few short breaks to just stretch and ensure I’m not sat at my laptop the whole time. I’m actually pretty pleased with how I’ve done today, though I would be lying if I said I didn’t have that usual brain fog that clouds over me when I have to concentrate on anything for any length of time.

Despite that, I achieved all the work I wanted to achieve this week, and completed one of my ten weekly goals in the process.

Along with booking my physio appointment earlier, that means I’ve now achieved two out of ten of my weekly goals. More good stuff to follow, but for now I need a break, so let’s go tidy my bedroom and take a nap.

3.23pm – GO FOR A WALK

First, before I tidy my room, I decide to take myself for a walk because I realise that if I don’t, I actually won’t end up leaving the flat today. So I put a jacket on, grab my headphones, and head outside.

I walk for 28 minutes (I know, becuase I timed it) though not  before leaving my flat and returning three times because I forgot something or because I just didn’t feel right. This often happens to me when my head is foggy – I forget stuff and can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing.

Eventually I get out of the house and walk to the supermarket to buy tea bags and walk back again.

When I get back, my flat is roasting hot, and I realise that because I still don’t know how my heating works properly, I’ve left it on again. Also, I’m starving, so I eat two apples whilst updating this journal and then, an hour later than planned, finally get round to tidying my bedroom.

4.12PM – Tidy Bedroom

Typically my bedroom doesn’t get into the kind of disastrous states that my kitchen and other rooms do. Since I only really use it for sleeping and getting changed, the biggest mess is normally just that I leave my clothes all over the floor and it looks untidy, a bit like this:

So I get the clothes put away in my wardrobe, I put new duvet covers on (this is always the hardest part because I’m terrible at it) and then I sweet the floors and dust my book case. When I’m done roughly 45 minutes or so later, it looks a lot better.

OK, so obviously my bed looks like shit, but again, I’m not very good at making the bed. As long as the floor is clean and everything is where it should be, I’m happy.

Tidying the bedroom also gives me a chance to get a bag of laundry ready to take tomorrow, and to throw a few things away, part of a long-term goal I have this year to reduce the amount of physical stuff that I actually own.

15 minutes of talking to Sam and updating this blog brings me to here.


Planning more potatoes, to finish off the rest of the pie I started yesterday and some vegetables with gravy, so off to the kitchen we go to chop potatoes.

In between making dinner, I add a bit to the latest post on my hobby blog.

Straight forward. Everything goes just right. No problems.

6.25PM – NAP

I nap for about 30 – 40 minutes. It’s one of those naps where I don’t properly fall asleep but just kind of doze. Eventually I find that I’m really hungry (yes, despite just eating dinner) so I waste some time just looking at social media posts on my phone, then head to the shop, where I cave in and buy chocolate.

Yes, I know, I was doing so well today, but gluttony and sugar cravings take over. It’s 7.34pm now, and I’m just waiting for Sam, so might as well work on my blog until she gets here.


I get a bit of writing done whilst I’m waiting for Sam, then, when she tells me she’s home and will call in a few minutes, I cut that short and tune my guitar instead.

I’ve never been as good on the guitar as I would like, but I’m determined to get better this year. Sadly, I haven’t been able to play it properly because I suck so bad that I depend on the app on my phone to tune it, and yes, I haven’t had my phone for a while. So I tune that now and am happy again.

8.20PM – SAM

I was supposed to be spending the night with Sam, but she had a bunch of stuff going on, so we didn’t really get much time. Instead, I killed most of evening doing a couple of simple things such as:

  • Fixing the laptop of the old woman from church that I promised I’d do
  • Making a half-arsed effort at tidying my living room
  • Planning my set for my online music DJ gig tomorrow night
  • Working a bit more on my blog


Feeling tired now, so I’m just going to wrap this up for the day and go fall asleep watching Archer.


I’m pissed off about eating all that chocolate, especially after doing so well today. I figure my weight goal for this week should just be to at least not gain any weight. If I can do that, I’ll be in with a better fighting chance of losing it when I come to reasses my goals for next month.

Otherwise, I got everything done that I needed to do, and feel positive about the week ahead that I’m going to have. For now though, I can barely keep my eyes open, so it’s time to wrap this up and go to bed.


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