I woke up about 9am this morning, made tea and got straight into it. I did my gratitude list, and had five minutes of meditation, then I set about finishing up yesterday’s daily blog here on Chris’ Boring Journal, just because I gave up writing in it when I first sat down to watch Archer and had things I needed to update. 

Whilst I was doing this,  I was listening to an awesome playlist on Youtube.



After messing up my diet yesterday, I’m determined to start again with it today. I open up the private blog I use to track all my goals (the same one I use for my weekly reviews which I talked about yesterday) and record the figures that I tracked on Friday (yes its been a few days, but those are a good starting point) and write a pep talk about how much effort I need to put in.

Whilst I’m doing this, Sam wakes up, so I talk to her for a few minutes too.


No Tai Chi practice apart from some basic stretching this morning because I’m planning to get a walk for 1.8 miles later. So I shower, shave, brush teeth and moisterize, then make a three-egg-and-spinach omelette. This time i chop a bit of onion up and put that in too for flavour.

I also take my anti-depressant medication, so that’s taken care of.

Eating breakfast, I check Twitter and check a couple of websites, then it’s time to get my shit together and really get the day going.


Once dressed, I make a quick walk to my parents and back to pick up my laundry from yesterday. Nothing notable here except that my shoelace came undone three times. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am 32 years old and can’t tie shoelaces properly.

12 Noon – WORK

Once home, I load up the Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun album, make some tea, and clock on for at least two hours of work. Ready?  Here goes.

Somehow I’m remarkably on form today and knock out the two quick articles that I needed to write (about 600 words apiece) in 1 hour 20. I’m never normally that quick.

I’m tempted to do more, but I don’t want to burn out and I don’t want to not get other stuff done. So I wrap that up and talk to Sam for a few minutes whilst documenting my daily hours on the spreadsheet that I use to track stuff for the weekly reviews I mentioned yesterday.


After getting distracted by lists and bits of paper, I put Metallica’s RELOAD album on in the kitchen and spend a bit of time tidying up whilst talking to Sam. I hate tidying the kitchen, but it always ends up the messiest room in the house. I feel guilty and ashamed for letting it get into such a state. I mean, seriously, if I don’t keep on top of it, I end up living like a pig.


There are some days when tidying the kitchen can take me all morning. Sometimes that’s because it’s so messy, but most of the time it’s because I get distracted doing about 20 other things, and something which should take me about 30 minutes to an hour ends up taking me three or four hours.

So I’m pleased that I got my whole kitchen tidy in under ninety minutes today. That includes washing the rest of the dishes, cleaning and tidying both kitchen counters, cleaning the oven top and doors, cleaning the outside of the fridge, mopping, sweeping and cleaning the floor.

Again, sometimes that takes me hours.

Not only did I do all of that, but I also prepped the potatoes for dinner tonight. Often times, the biggest source of mess in my kitchen comes from food prep, so I figured if I did that before tidying up, I could then clean up after myself and not make any more mess later.

I also kept a piece of paper handy as going about tidying the kitchen reminded me of a bunch of tasks that I needed to do.


For example, as I was going round, I noted things that were broken which would need fixing or getting rid of. So I noted them down. I noted that I was running out of tea bags, white vinegar and a few others things, so I noted them down, along with things I needed to buy like a new measuring jug and oven gloves.

I keep my medication in the kitchen too, and when I passed it, it reminded me that I needed to book a doctor’s appointment to get more medication, so I set a reminder on my phone (didn’t I tell you that I use it for everything) to add “book doc’s appointment” to tomorrow’s daily TDL then I can get that done.

I take a few minutes to update this blog, then I’m ready for a nap

3.07PM – NAP  TIME

I took a quick nap.I don’t think I actually fell properly asleep but kind of dozed for a bit. Either way, I’m ready to get back up and get back to it.


I’m going out at 6pm and dinner is going to take a while, so I get up and put that in the oven. I’m planning on dedicating the next two hours to working on blog, unless Sam calls, in which case I’ll talk to her.


Dinner tonight was roast potatoes (cooked to perfection, I was pretty proud of them) and a slice of mince beef and onion pie with peas, broccoli and gravy. I know the pie and potatoes may not be the healthiest for someone trying to lose weight, but compared to what I’ve been eating recently, this is the healthiest food I’ve had in a long time.

I eat whilst watching a show that I’m going to write about on my hobby blog


More or less satisfied with how much writing I got done on my blog today, I get dressed and walk the 1.8 miles to Lowton Community Centre for the AA meeting. I’m feeling really good when I get there because I’ve been listening to some of my favourite bands (Seven Mary Three, Rage Against The Machine and Korn) on my iPod on the way up there.

Meeting was good, good to catch up with friends and see how everybody is. I was the “chair” for the meeting, and I think that good mood gave me a level of confidence that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.


I’m home from the meeting. Sam is busy with her family, so I get undressed into comfy clothes, make up tomorrow’s daily TDL, and crash on the sofa until she’s ready to talk. About 12.30 – 1am I shut down and decide to sleep on the sofa tonight just for the hell of it.


I grabbed a handful of gummy bears at the AA meeting and ate a tonne of carbs, but I’m proud of my diet today simply because I didn’t go out to the shops to buy cakes or biscuits or other unhealthy junk. It’s a small stepping stone, but it’s one I’m glad I took.

Otherwise, no dangers or disasters. I feel like I took care of everything on my list today, got some interaction with friends and started the comeback towards healthy living. I’m happy with that, and looking forward to moving on.


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